Small Business Credit Cards: 7 Myths Debunked

The problem is certainly that small company bank cards are a few of the most misinterpreted credit cards available on the market.Small business bank cards are everywhere and the very best credit card issuers are providing cards to meet up nearly every business need.

Let’s have a look at some common myths and debunk a few of the most popular small company credit card misconceptions.

No Credit Required1.

Unless you possess a big, well-established business with a substantial credit score of its, you are going to want your personal credit rating to guarantee the tiny business bank cards you make an application for. This couldn’t become further from the reality.Many people assume that their personal credit score really does not have any effect on their capability to qualify for small company credit cards.

Credit card issuers will be working your credit file when you make an application for small business bank cards and you’ll often be asked to provide your individual information, such as for example your birth day and social protection number.

Broader Spending Restricts2.

In the event that you assume that you will get yourself a fatter borrowing limit with business bank cards, you might think twice.

The better your credit, the greater you’ll be eligible for.Whether you’re trying to get a company credit cards or an individual credit cards, your borrowing limit is going to be the same based on how your credit history is.

In case your credit is damaged, don’t be prepared to get small company credit cards which have lines of credit with thousands or thousands of dollars.

Big Business Just3.

However, business bank cards can be utilized for just about any size business.Some individuals assume that business bank cards are just for businesses with substantial income and established credit histories.

You might be required to assurance the line of credit personally (that may affect your individual credit score), but you’ll have the ability to start building your businesses credit.Actually the owners of the tiniest business can reap the benefits of business bank cards.


Some companies shy from business bank cards because they think that they’ll be charged an increased interest rate.

This seriously isn’t the case.

Many small company bank cards offer very competitive interest levels, plus some even offer extra perks such as for example points programs and usage of discounted products for your company needs.

If you have been concerned about the interest levels associated with small company credit cards, just a little investigation into current offerings might surprise you.

The Confusion Aspect5.

In reality, it could make things easier.Some people believe managing business bank cards moreover with their personal bank cards will end up being too confusing.

If you’re staying away from business bank cards because you are frightened it’ll complicate things, be kind to yourself and present business bank cards an opportunity.Using small company credit cards will help you to maintain your business and personal expenses split, which can end up being a lifesaver with regards to accounting and taxes time.

A Lack of Control6.

Many companies are frightened that getting a business credit card means that employees may use the card, which may mean a lack of control more than the business enterprise expenditures.

Company workers are not permitted to make use of business bank cards without the exhibit consent of the individual in charge of authorizing their make use of as well as the just workers who will get access to the business bank cards are the workers you enhance the account and present the credit cards to.This couldn’t be further from the reality.

IT ISN’T a Requirement7.

If you are among those that believe that small company credit cards certainly are a high end, you need to regulate your perspective.

From purchasing items to subscribing to providers, small business bank cards can help your company obtain the equipment it requires to grow.For the business to thrive over time, it will need to have at least a couple of business bank cards for business expenditures.

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