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The figures of over-indebtedness are worrying in Nord-Pas-de-Calais, and this, as in the rest of the French territory elsewhere. This situation spares no category of households in the region. Yet, there is a solution to over-indebtedness: the purchase of credit. For the inhabitants of the region, it is advisable to apply for a credit redemption.

All categories of people whether retired, salaried, civil servant, inactive or others are all affected by a critical financial situation. The regional social over indebtedness chamber or CRESUS receives every year requests to a considerable number.

Only in the space of ten years, the number of people who have appealed to this organization has increased from 400 to 4,000 in this region. Incredible data that, unfortunately, continues to grow.

The reasons for this situation are numerous according to the case of the people. But the reasons often encountered show that it is mainly due to payments of regular bills and food. Opting for a revolving credit is really catastrophic for many people yet they do not find other solutions.

These people continue to take on more debt until they find themselves in a stalemate. In addition, for some, their banks are also a source of aggravation of their already dubious financial situations.

Over indebtedness has become a vicious circle in which individuals get bogged down either to help their neighbors or to try to get back on their own. It is mostly people with low incomes like retirees who are often affected by this problem.

The consolidation of loans to get out

Preventing over-indebtedness or making optimization of its payday loans is possible with a payday loan consolidation at

With this operation, it is possible to regulate quickly and in a sustainable period of debt. The conditions are often interesting for a credit redemption. In addition, it makes it possible to benefit from an amount that is immediately usable if the borrower wants to invest in any project.

With this solution, no more surprises with the monthly payment since the stability of the latter are assured: reduced and unique, it allows you to regain your footing.

Regarding people who wish to use a credit redemption and who live in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais, a variety of choices are available in the city of Lille, the city nicknamed the Capital of Flanders. In addition, the various financial institutions have many offers that can match the profiles and situations of each.

However, it is really necessary to use brokers or intermediary organizations to buy credit. Moreover, some of them offer their services on the internet so that interested parties can perform simulations. 

This favors negotiations and gives more benefits to applicants. To consult them on the web is then essential to be able to make a comparison of the offers. This must generally be based on the rate that will be applied as well as on the conditions proposed by the credit agency according to his case.


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